Dr. Elgendy, the best and most caring Riverside Chiropractor,  has been helping people in her community since 1997.  She has helped thousands of patients with neck and back pain, shoulder pain, pain radiating down arms or legs, chronic headaches, foot, knee and hip pain...  



No matter what caused your pain, whether it is a car accident, work related injuries, sports related injuries or injuries due to activities of your daily living,  she will diagnose your condition and prescribe you a personalized treatment plan specific to your needs.  Best of all, she will give you simple tips to keep you out of pain longer, and live a healthier life, pain free!




Make your appointment to be examined & treated by Dr. Elgendy, your Riverside Chiropractor,  to start a healthier, pain free life you deserve right away.




With our several payment options , Dr. Elgendy makes it very affordable to start and stay on your treatment plan, even if you do not have insurance, or chiropractic coverage.  






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Important Message from Millennium Chiropractic Regarding COVID-19


Millennium Chiropractic is committed to the health and safety of our patients and staff during these difficult times. Dr. Elgendy and her staff have been employing precautionary practices and protocols to ensure that every patient is safe. We are following the World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidelines and recommendations located here at www.who.int  about maintaining a healthy workspace, workforce and personal hygiene guidelines.  Our office remains open and at full capacity with no impact on our business hours of operations and we are here to help you to get out of pain.  Additionally, Dr. Elgendy and her staff are extending their availability in order to satisfy the high demand of patients seeking Chiropractic treatments. We look forward to assisting you with all your Chiropractic needs. 

For additional questions or clarifications, please call Dr. Meral Elgendy at (951)-323-7783.

Thank you!


1 Hr. Deep Tissue Massage

Massage Special!

     Only for $55.00  

(NOT VALID w/auto accident cases.)


90 Minute Deep Tissue Massage

Massage special

     Only for $80.00

(NOT VALID w/auto accident cases.)